Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Other Posts & Random Comments on Sex.

1. Carrots (you really have to look this one up while it is still posted - it is the 20th post card.)
2. I'm famous.
3. Why dating is going to suck.

By the way, did I say I'm getting divorced, I mean really, do I not drag on for what seems like hours on this shit. Sometimes I just think: get over this shit and move on. Hmmm ... how many one night stands could I have in a week? My numbers are quite low, so doesn't that give me room for "experimentation." I do love people ... yes, I said people, boys and girls. Got a problem with that? If they know where my clit is, why I say right on. Whoa, it seems the later it gets the more self disclosure begins. Oh, fuck off if you have a problem. Go read something else. Sex is sex ... it's all in good fun - romance or not. Don't get me wrong, it's great to share it with someone you love, but sometimes its great just to get laid. I mean am I right or what? Who cares what you think ... I'm right.

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Mary said...

From someone can't go longer than two months without sex, I agree that sex is great. I really can't live without it, plain and simple, I need sex. So there that is.
I also agree that sex can be fun with either a boy or a girl. Girls are typically better at finding all the spots, but nothing compares to a deep penetration. Hopefully that wasn't too graphic for all you "no sex before marriage" religious FOOLS. Believe me, you are missing out.
But what is it about this act that is so gratifying? More importantly, why can we all get laid more often? Sure seems to put everyone in better spirits...