Thursday, July 06, 2006

Annie, Annie, Annie ...

Has Coulter been taking lessons from Jason Blair?

I suppose it was overdue for Coulter. Plagiarism? Could it be true? The New York Post seems to report that it is so. How can someone so despised really think they can get away with plagairising others' work? Isn't it obvious that she is going to be the target for intense scrutiny? Does she know how to cite other authors or is she intentionally using the words of other organizations and journalists? With such a distinguished resume one would assume that she would be capable of citing references and even prepared to supply them.
Coulter's website doesn't seem to have any defense in this accusation. Instead, her July 5th entry is an attack on The Post for not running an interview she did with them. Is this her feeble attempt at slinging mud? In my opinion, when the guilty party doesn't have a defense it tries to throw in a distraction. Being an attorney Coulter is probably a professional at such strategies.
Unfortunately, Coulter supporters will ignore the charge and the rest of us will despise her all the more.


LauraS said...

Hey AGL!
Just noticed you're from Missouri! Awesome! My best friend's family is and they are pretty cool people. Anyway, I don't want to spoil the good-naturedness between us so the only thing that I will say about your most recent post is that you really should read the book. If nothing else than to get a feel for how wrong The Post is. She really does cite her sources VERY WELL. There's no doubt about where her material is lifted.
Anyway, on to better things.... I have re-read your previous post and something REALLY stuck out to me. You said something to the effect of your mentor saying that he believes and all reason is left at the door. No offense, but that's not how it should be. As humans, we've been blessed with the ability to reason. We should not have to throw that away in order to believe in something. Christianity, (the religion I "practice" and know the best) incorporates reason and logic which is why intelligent design is SO important to us among other things. Faith is also a big part, but how could it not be? We believe in someone we cannot see and we believe that his Son died on our behalf and was risen from the dead. That's some pretty heavy and somewhat illogical stuff! That is where Faith is required. The logical side says: What is my purpose on Earth? What happens when I die? Where the HECK did this all come from? There are answers to all of these questions.
I think your quest for the Truth is awesome. I pray you'll find what you're looking for.

the occasional cig... said...

uh, i'm not sure it's possible for me to despise that hag anymore...